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Big Cat Conservation is a voluntary non-profit organization in the UK working in collaboration with registered Wildlife Rescue Shelters and Charities in the UK and overseas. 

  BCC raises awareness, funds and sponsors to support big cat projects and endangered wildlife through Talks, Presentations, Events and even Children's Parties.

 BCC was set up by International Entertainer and Conservationist Shelley Lozano who has direct contact and involvement with the wildlife, the people and the projects supported. 

BCC raises funds to help endangered and rescued big cats and wildlife to help with rescue, rehabilitation or (where possible), release back to the wild. 

Due to a massive increase in human population growth worldwide, poaching, traditional Chinese medicines, construction, tourism and the ever increasing demand for more agricultural land (particularly for palm oil plantations), along with the destruction and deforestation of the rainforest and loss of prey, the natural habitat of big cats and other wildlife has become fragmented into tiny pockets of land and many species are now seriously threatened, to the point of near extinction.

With your help we hope to continue to support various BIG CAT Projects worldwide and contribute to the valuable work of registered Wildlife Charities and Rescue Centres.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Many Big Cats are near extinction - please help in any way you can by getting involved.  Sponsor BIG CAT Conservation so we can continue to support the efforts and projects of other wildlife charities, NGO's and experts in the field by subscribing to BCC's quarterly newsletter.  Alternatively, make a donation, do your own fundraising, book a "Speaker Party" or purchase some of our hand-made wildlife gifts. Together we can make a difference to the lives of big cats and other wildlife and help to save them from extinction - before it's too late!