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International Artiste, Presenter & Speaker

Shelley Lozano has over 25 years experience in the Entertainment industry as an International Cabaret Artiste/Entertainer and has worked professionally on both TV and Radio and presented an 8 part series for Southampton Television called “Arts for Evry1" and is a Presenter, programme Researcher and Producer for the Wildlife 80's show on Southampton's 103.9 Voice FM on Voice fm radio

Please see her facebook page on Wildlife 80s show

Shelley is a professional Speaker and gives interesting and entertaining talks and presentations "From Cabaret to Conservation" delivered with enthusiasm and humour about her life in "Showbusiness", telling some "funny but true" stories that have happened to her along the way and the celebrities she has worked with, along with the more serious side of conservation and the Big Cat Projects she has been involved with.  Accompanied by photo's and some unique video footage, Shelley uses her past experience in the Entertainment business to help raise awareness, funds and sponsors for various big cat conservation projects worldwide.

Shelley can also be booked as a Children's Entertainer with her BIG CAT JUNGLE Parties which are fun, informative and educational and suitable for kids of all ages.

Shelley Lozano started her professional career as a Cabaret Artiste, with a unique Act of Limbo Dancing and Fire-Eating which she has worked all over the UK and Europe and as far a-field as Kathmandu, India and the Middle East, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Oman.  She has also had the pleasure of working alongside top named Artistes such as Peter Kay in "Phoenix Nights", Tony Christie, Frankie Vaughan, Joan Reagan, Paul Shane, Bob Monkhouse, Ken Dodd, June Whitfield and various Bands, in TV, Theatres and Hotel Cabaret.

While working in the United Arab Emirates, she studied the Art of Middle-Eastern Belly Dance, which she still performs and teaches.  For many years she has worked as a DJ in the UK with residencies in Norway and the Middle East.  Shelley later created her own Magic/Illusion Act and has experience as a Compere, Speaker and Presenter.  She managed her own Entertainment Agency for 10 years booking tribute bands and named Artistes and has also written various articles for magazines and made several Radio and TV appearances.

Shelley has an advanced certificate in feline behaviour and psychology and a diploma (with distinction) in big cat studies under the tuition of Peter Neville with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) and Compass Education and Training. 

With a life-long interest in wildlife and a passion for big cats, Shelley grew up watching documentaries and programmes on the natural world.  She has been inspired by Charlotte Uhlenbroek and the work of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and had the pleasure to meet Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Virginia McKenna and Wildlife Artiste David Shepherd.

Shelley set up "BIG CAT Conservation" in the UK, raising awareness, funds and sponsors for registered overseas rescue shelters and wildlife charities to help fund big cat conservation projects.  She organises fundraising events and donates a large portion of her fee from her own speaking engagements or children's parties.  She is currently involved in various projects including “Las Pumas” Rescue Shelter in Costa Rica, WFFT in Thailand and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in South Africa.  With a proven track record for fundraising Shelley has previously raised over £10,000 for various charities and Big Cat Conservation projects. 

 Talks and Presentations

"From Cabaret to Conservation"

Shelley Lozano gives an interesting and entertaining talk, with passion and a little humour thrown in along with some 'funny but true' stories about her life in Cabaret, accompanied by photo's, slideshow and video footage of some of the big cat conservation projects overseas that she has filmed and currently supports and represents from the UK.  She can also include a Belly Dance Cabaret performance with audience participation and supply background music if required depending on the type of venue.  Suitable for most audiences and venues such as Schools, WI's, Clubs, Private Functions, Arts Centres and Theatres.  

Duration: Approx. 45 mins. up to2 hours but can adapt accordingly.  Completely self-contained with own PA system, laptop, projector and big screen.

A large portion of her fee and all of the profit from any merchandise sold goes directly back into the projects supported.  If you would like to book Shelley for your next function, please telephone or email direct for fees and further information.

Please note that although occasional photographs may show Shelley with wild animals, this was purely for publicity purposes with supervised permission because she was involved with the project and is not something she recommends, condones or supports and is against the use of tourists having their photo taken with wildlife for entertainment purposes.


Mobile: 07747 804447

or click on following link:  Shelley Lozano Speaker/Entertainer      

Video Clips                                                                               Short video clip of Shelley with Biologist, Carmen at Las Pumas Rescue Shelter in Costa Rica.

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