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The Wildlife 80s show with Shelley Lozano on 103.9    Voice FM Radio

Wildlife 80's show - the only local radio show dedicated to big cats and widlife conservation.

See our Facebook page: VoicefmWildlife80s  for regular updates or tweet @shelleylozano  

Join me, Shelley Lozano with the "Wildlife 80's" show on Southampton's 103.9 Voice fm every Sunday from 1-3pm.

I'll be keeping you updated and informed about big cats, animal facts and wildlife news, both locally and around the world. Regular topics include Animal Facts, The Weekly Wildlife Question, Wild & Local places to visit, Featured Charity and Doc's to Watch as well as the latest wildlife topics and news with occasional guests and special interviews. 

We are delighted to have featured over 100 different non-profits, wildlife and animal charities as well as interesting guest interviews on the show.  We are the only local radio programme dedicated to wildlife!

103.9 Voice fm radio

BIG CAT Coffee campaign in support of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF UK) and Cheetah Outreach in South Africa.

Enjoy a BIG CAT COFFEE (or any other 'BIG CAT' drink!) for an extra 20p (please add your donation to the charity tin) and help to raise funds for endangered big cats. 

Your donation will help support conservation projects such as the Anatolian Livestock Guarding Dog Project which protects farmers livestock from predation and helps prevent cheetah and leopard being shot, trapped, poisoned and killed on farms in South Africa.  

A big  "thank you" to all staff and customers who have participated in our BIG CAT Coffee campaign since we launched this in 2012.

Donations raised in 2012 - £236

Donations raised in 2013 - £67

Donations raised in 2014 - £160

Donations raised in 2015 - £378

Please help us to make a difference and save big cats. 

Contact us if you are a Cafe or other venue wishing to participate in our BIG CAT COFFEE campaign. 

BIG CAT COFFEE campaign participating venues:

Piccolo Mondo, Southampton.  Piccolo Mondo

The Greenwood Tree, Lyndhurst. The Greenwood Tree

Tea Total, 23 High Street, Lyndhurst.  Tea Total

The D.@rt Centre, Hedge End.  the d@art centre

Rice-Up Whole Foods, Southampton.  Rice Up Wholefoods

Notes, 14-15 Hanover Buildings, Southampton. SO14 1JX Notes Cafe

Varsity Bar, 67-75 London Road, Southampton.

The Big Breakfast, East Street, Southampton.

Espresso City, East Street, Southampton. 

Shrimp & Burger. 29 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DG.

Nutri-Life, 37 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DG. Nutrilifeuk 

Retro Cafe, 34 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DG

Starbucks Coffee, 61 London Road, Southampton, SO15 2AB  

Orange Rooms (Southern) Ltd., 1-2 Vernon Walk, Southampton, SO15 2EJ 

Peggy May's, Lyn.dhurst

Willow Tree, Lyndhust. 

Sprinkles Cafe, Southampton. 

Lite Delights 




'Through Wild Eyes'

The lyrics to this song were written especially by Shelley Lozano to raise awareness and funds for big cat conservation and endangered wildlife.  A huge 'thank you' to Ali Leyton for writing the music and doing the vocals and production for this beautiful song.

The cost of this single as an mp3 download directly to your computer is £3 and for every copy sold one third of the profits (£1) will be donated to charity.

 We are delighted that the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Animals Asia, Care for the Wild, LionAid and Wildlife Calling are promoting this song to their supporters and we will be donating £1 for every MP3 download to the charity of your choice listed above. 

When ordering on this website, If applicable, please be sure to state the name of the charity promoting the single on the order form so that the donation will go to the correct charity otherwise if no charity is stated it will go to the big cat conservation projects that we support.  Payment by PayPal or cheque made payable to "Big Cat Conservation" please.

Please order by clicking on the  'Web Store' in the side menu and click on the CD, alternatively you can email with your contact details.  

This song is available in the UK and worldwide.  We will send the song as an mp3 attachment directly to your email address which you can download and save to your computer.  You can listen to the song on the video page but please note the video is just a sample and is not included in the mp3 download.

Listen to a sample of the song here or see our Video page:


If you would prefer a hard copy of the CD with the sample Video (as shown on this website), and have It delivered, please add £1 for post & packing in the UK only and if applicable, state charity promoting CD.  Please enquire about the cost of P&P first if ordering outside of the UK.

 'Through Wild Eyes'

Lyrics written by Shelley Lozano.

Music Written by Ali Leyton and Vocals by Ali Leyton.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund, LionAid, Animals Asia, Care for the Wild and Wildlife Calling are participating charities promoting this single. 

'Wild & Free' is a book of inspirational and thought-provoking poetry written by Shelley Lozano especially to raise awareness for big cats, endangered wildlife and the environment.

Please order by clicking on the  'Web Store' in the side menu and click on the book, alternatively you can email with your contact details.

A large portion of the profit (20%) from the sale of this book goes to wildlife charities.

Book launch "Wild & Free' at Waterstones West Quay, Southampton on 25/09.14.

Past Events:

Events and fundraisers BIG CAT Conservation has been involved in:

Barclays Charity Winter Warmer Bi-athalon Event!

On Friday 22nd November 2013, Shelley Lozano of BIG CAT Conservation UK in association with Matt Hunt and Staff at Barclays Bank across the Southampton area organised a Charity Winter Warmer Bi-athalon event to raise funds on behalf of the cheetah conservation Fund and Muscular Dystrophy.  Organiser Matt Hunt and Barclays Staff ran 100 miles and cycled 150 miles!  A number of branches in  the Southampton area took part to help cover the distance on exercise bikes which were in various branches from 9.30am - 4.30pm and customers were welcome to join in too!  There was a 2 hour run at 10am and 2pm from the Southampton Above Bar branch through the parks in central Southampton and a number of colleagues joined in to cover the distance on the run.  Matt also encouraged staff in the branches to dress up as wild cats or animals to hopefully raise even more money.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who got involved and donated or sponsored by popping in to any branch of Barclays Bank where they set up a special account for donations which was split between the two charities.  Thank you for making a difference! 

An amazing £489.41was raised which was matched by Barclays making a grand total of £978.82 going to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia.

BIG CAT Christmas Raffle

 Piccolo Mondo in association with BIG CAT Conservation did a BIG CAT Christmas raffle to win an endangered big cat toy. The Raffle was drawn on Saturday 14th December with the winner announced on the Wildlife80s show on Southampton's 103.9 Voicefm on Sunday 15th December.

An amazing total of £60 was raised from the raffle which will go to Cheetah Outreach in South Africa who are working to help mitigate human-wildlife conflict to help cheetah conservation there.

Predators such as cheetah or leopard often come into conflict with farmers where they risk being shot, trapped, poisoned or killed and Cheetah Outreach are working with farmers to reduce this conflict with their educational programmes, Anatolian Livestock Guarding Dog project and collaring and releasing cheetahs back into the wild.  More info can be found at

Hamerton Zoo Park - Cheetah week 12-18th August 2013!

Get involved and get yourself down to Hamerton Zoo Park who will be raising funds all next week for the Cheetah Conservation Fund.  for further info see their facebook page:

Hamerton Zoo Park

It’s Cheetah Week at UK's Hamerton Zoo Park and a win-win situation for the cheetah and you!

The Hamerton Zoo Park will be celebrating Cheetah Week between 12th and 19th August. All proceeds will be donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to have fun while supporting efforts to conserve the wild cheetah.  Bring your children to participate in games based upon the cheetah and its speed, or learn about the cheetah through cheetah-themed activity sheets, face painting for the children and informative talks all week on various animals around the zoo including the cheetahs.

Don't miss these exciting opportunities to win great prizes, have fun and help the cheetah: 

* A raffle with a top prize of a tailor made Cheetah Experience.

* A silent auction of a Big Cat Keeper for the Day - the highest bidder gets to spend a day with Hamerton Zoo's Carnivore Keeper helping to clean out the cats, prepare feed and offer enrichment activities.

Photo's from past events:



  Shelley Lozano, guest Artistes and belly dance students at various charity events in Southampton.