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'Through Wild Eyes'


"Through Wild Eyes" mp3 or CD hard copy

The song 'Through Wild Eyes' was written especially to raise awareness & funds for wildlife conservation and one third of the profit (£1) will go to to support wildlife charities.

The single 'Through Wild Eyes' is available worldwide and can be purchased as an mp3 for a total of £3 directly through this web store with a third of the profit (£1) donated to charity.

When ordering, if applicable, please state the name of the charity promoting this single as a reference (e.g. Cheetah Conservation Fund, Animals Asia, Care for the Wild, LionAid, Wildlife Calling)  in order for us to donate a portion of the profit directly to that charity, otherwise it will go to the big cat conservation projects we support. 

Please be sure to provide your correct email address so that we can email you the mp3 song which you can download and save directly to your computer.

Alternatively, the single 'Through Wild Eyes' is also available to purchase as a hard copy CD in the UK only but please add an extra £1 to cover Post & Packing. Payment by PayPal or cheque made payable to Big Cat Conservation please. You can hear the song on this website in the menu under 'News, Events & Radio' or 'Videos'.

Lyrics written by Shelley Lozano

Music written by Ali Leyton

Vocals by Ali Leyton

Copyright 2013 Stave Music

Copyright 2013 BIG CAT Conservation


Please state charity promoting this single or tell us where or how you heard about this song

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